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Makers of Australian and World Award Winning Cheeses

Based in the rolling hills of Gippsland, Victoria, the heartland of Australia's dairy farming, its multiple awards are testament to a commitment of quality, taste and innovation. The Jindi Cheese range, which includes a premium selection of white, washed rind, and blue mould cheeses, is available at supermarkets, independents and specialty food stores nationally.

Jindi’s award winning range includes:

  • Jindi Brie – rich in flavour, the Jindi Brie has a smooth creamy mouth feel. Recognised on the world stage winning three championships for “Best Brie in the World”
  • Jindi Camembert – made to a traditional method, a full-flavoured cheese with a creamy texture and distinct taste
  • Jindi Triple Cream – a glossy butter-like texture which melts in your mouth
  • Jindi Blue – a truly delicious creamy blue vein cheese made in the French tradition
  • Jindi Jumbunna Blue – renowned for its intense flavour and pungent smell, Jumbunna is a moist, crumbly blue, made in a style similar to that of Roquefort
  • Jindi Blue Brie – subtle, creamy in flavour, crossing two favourites – Jindi Brie and Jindi Traditional Blue
  • Jindi Traditional Blue – a French recipe with a dark grey crust, boasting a smooth velvery body and slightly open texture
  • Jindi Deluxe Blue – with strong dark blue veins, similar to a Danish blue
  • Reserve Blue – sophisticated, full-flavoured, matured for 11 weeks in a waxed skin producing a sweet nutty taste
  • Jindi Rustic Brie – a French-style washed rind with a natural orange crust and pleasant strong flavour
  • Jindi Cheddar – a sharp 18 month old cheddar cheese, combined with a unique creamy texture, mouth feel and taste profile
  • Jindi Pastes – a firm, sometimes coarse paste that holds its shape and can be sliced. The perfect compliment to a Jindi Cheese.
  • For more information about Jindi Cheese products visit http://www.jindi.com.au

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